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In any good story, there is often a point of contention or disagreement between characters that serves as a driving force for the plot. This argument, or disagreement, can create tension, suspense, and conflict that ultimately paves the way for the resolution of the story.

As a copy editor with a background in SEO, I have come to understand the importance of incorporating these types of elements into a story in order to make it more engaging and memorable for readers.

One of the main reasons that argument disagreement is so essential to the plot is because it creates a sense of tension that keeps readers engaged. When characters are in conflict with one another, readers are naturally drawn in to see how the situation will be resolved.

However, it’s important to note that not all arguments are created equal when it comes to storytelling. In order for an argument to be effective, it needs to be grounded in a deeper emotional or moral conflict that resonates with readers.

For example, a disagreement between two characters over what type of pizza to order probably isn’t going to be very engaging for readers. However, an argument between two characters about whether or not to take a risky course of action that could potentially save lives is much more compelling.

Ultimately, the key to incorporating argument disagreement into a story in a way that is effective and engaging is to ensure that it serves a deeper purpose beyond simply creating conflict. Whether it’s to highlight the moral complexities of a situation, reveal the true nature of a character, or create a sense of tension and suspense, argument disagreement can be an essential tool for creating a memorable and impactful story.

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